How It Works

We being a prominent name among the meat suppliers in India provide the highest grade services to meet the expectations of the consumers to its core. Being a platform that provides ample of opportunities to build up one on one communication between the buyer and the seller, we at "company name" work as a strong bond to bridge the gap in the most hassle-free mannerism. One can easily explore the infinite varieties of country goats, country chicken, native cows, and goats in India, goat breeders in India to buy country cows or goat or even to buy chicken in the shortest of time frames with considerable ease.

Being an active part of one of the acclaimed name in the meat industry is an effortless process and requires the prospect to simply register on our domain. While subscribing to be a member of our services, you need to mention your interest specifically i.e. whether you owe to be a buyer or a seller of the livestock. Once you are through with the sign-up, you are good to go and explore our entire range of services to meet your specifics.

  • SELLER:In case, you have shown interest to be a seller on our website you need to mention all the livestock possessed by you to be put up for the potential buyers. Also, you are required to mention the specifications such as the quantity available, the various breeds also their particular pricing. Upon analyzing your listed stock, the buyers can place the bids and you can easily communicate with them via our website as an intermediary platform and can decide upon transacting as per your judgment.
  • BUYER: If you are one of the prospects looking forward to buy chicken, goats, or to buy country cows through our eminent framework. You should opt to be a buyer during the sign-up process. Upon doing so you can simply explore the numerous livestock alternatives available and also track down the offered varieties and their respective prices. Further, you can compare the prices offered by different sellers for the same stock and then can move forward towards a direct interaction with the seller wherein you can clear all your possible queries and are assured to end up with the wisest decision backed up by the highest quality livestock.


Our distinguished platform provides plentiful ways to explore the best among the goats in India, goat breeders in India, native cows, country goats, country chicken, and assure to satisfy your decision to buy country cows, goats or to buy chickens at irresistible prices and superior quality.

Buying with our website can be accomplished by registering as a buyer over our website. Followed by some simple steps to complete the task:

  • Select the product to be purchased
  • Choose the preferred product category out of the numerous alternatives
  • Mention your present location
  • Also, you can choose to arrange the resulted outputs in order of the possible delivery date or the distance of the delivery location from the warehouse

Once, you are in possession of the various alternatives meeting your specific search you can go ahead and contact the seller/farmer directly and discuss the various parameters for the transaction comprising the final price of the products along with the mode of delivery and payment.

Upon satisfactory discussion, with the seller, you can finalize the decision and meet your order well under your mentioned budget and within the specified deadline.


If you are one among the goat breeders in India, or supplier of native cows, country chicken, country goats or other varieties of goats in India then you can move forward and showcase your credibility among the prospects looking forward to buy chicken, goats or to buy country cows via registering as a seller on our domain.

Selling your stock on our website is a child’s play and can be accomplished in these simple steps:

  • Login in with your registered email address and password
  • List up all the products open for selling.
  • Browse through the possible buyers interested in your stock
  • Interact with them directly to finalize the specifics of the delivery such as payment medium, mode of delivery and discuss the price negotiation concerns

Once you are convinced by the consultation with the potential buyer you can go ahead and ship your livestock. Also, you can update the available stock from time to time as per your specifications to satisfy the consumers.