About Us

We are a prominent name among the livestock traders in India. Apart from being a reliable partner for meeting your specific needs via the best utilization of the digital platform, we are also engrossed with organic farming which is aimed towards the betterment of the living standard of life by relying upon the eco-friendly cultivation practices.

Our unique selling point lies in delivering the best ever platform for the sellers and buyers, which offers them with numerous opportunities to deal seamlessly without any hidden or mediator cost or agenda. They can directly converse and bring clarity to all the underlying concerns by having one-on-one communication that does not demand any specific fee or cost to be paid to us.

We also incorporate the possibilities to amplify the reach of your products to the potential buyers by using the social media to post your advertisements. The process is guaranteed to provide you with better leads but with a constraint of handling the consumer queries even after the product is been sold which needs to be taken care at your end.

Our services are distinguished from the other web portals catering the online trading of livestock since we aim to bring about the best of benefits for both the sellers/farmers and the buyers by providing them with a center stage free of any cost in contrast to providing them with trading alternatives which can be availed only after paying a heavy amount of fees which is normally not feasible for the farmers and other small level sellers.