Terms & Conditions

Availing the services of our web portal by registering your credentials over our domain is subject to following terms and conditions which are needed to adhere irrespective of any circumstance whatsoever.

  • Please make note that our website is a digital medium to connect the potential sellers of the livestock to their consumers/buyers operating all over India with the major focus towards the geographical boundaries of Tamil Nadu.
  • Our web portal is just a platform for the initiation of the transaction between the two parties while we do not possess any sort of online payment facility on board to facilitate the dealing.
  • We aim to ease out your search for the possible buyers and sellers by providing you with multiple alternatives to opt from whereas we are not involved in any of the possible agreements and wish to clarify that making or receiving payments from the counterpart is solely at your risk and any sort of complication in the process is out of our concern area.
  • Buying or selling via our website is a service to be enduring partner in your dealings but we do not aim to provide any quality assurance of the livestock, therefore, it is a necessity on the part of the buyer to pre-analyze the quality of the purchased stock before actually proceeding with the payment and transit. Any kind of dispute between the qualities of the stock discussed with the actuality quality received is beyond the jurisdiction of our association and the company holds no role in intervening in the dispute at any point of time.
  • Posting advertisement for your prospective livestock over our web portal or the social media is assistance for the possible onlookers to cut down their exploration time and resources whereas we do not claim to countercheck the quality of the stock before been listed on our website. We clarify to be just a partner in your search and not a guarantor of the quality and other parameters of the stock is listed. The sellers are requested to ensure that they showcase only the appropriate quality stock to avoid future complications.